Our Projects

Captivating’s ONE MORE YEAR School Scholarship Program – YUNNAN, SICHUAN

Keeping underprivileged girls from remote poor locations in vocational or senior high school

The longer a girl can stay in school the better her future prospects. There are varying reasons girls decide to drop school ranging from poverty or prejudice, to thinking they are not smart enough to succeed.

Our “ONE MORE YEAR” program aims to keep girls from poor areas in school for longer – motivating them to stay for just one more year, and, maybe another, and another – inspiring confidence, enhancing dignity and empowering their future with better choices. Each year we will support hundreds of girls (and some boys) to finish vocational or senior high school.

After 3 years of study, these students will enter full-time employment or take on further study through government supported tertiary programs.

ONE MORE YEAR of education could make all the difference.

Captivating’s My First Job Sustainable Income Program – QINGHAI

Helping women who have missed most of their schooling (and are largely illiterate) earn stable sustainable income.

It’s amazing what 3 months of professional training can achieve. MY FIRST JOB brings together 30 women (many are moms from rural poor areas with limited ability to earn stable income) and gives them professional training to become either Assistant Chefs, or Professional Tailors. This opens the door to regular income streams that are available even in their remote locations, or at home.

Many go on to commence jobs in restaurants, clothing stores, or start their own small businesses.

They become more confident, financially independent and able to invest more in their children’s futures.

Captivating’s Pig, Poultry and Prosperity Program-SICHUAN

At Captivating, we love the idea of teaching people how to fish. But, sometimes, clucking chickens and perky pigs make for better solutions. We’re thrilled to be back in the sustainable livelihood game.

Every year, 180+ women and their families will be trained and supported to establish best practice, profitable and sustainable Chicken or Pig businesses in rural Sichuan Province. These women will be pre-selected because of their inability to currently earn enough money to meet the most basic of family expenses for themselves and their children. Our program aims to fill this gap.

Each woman will receive 6-8 months of training and ongoing expert support to mentor her through the first full cycle of her very own Chicken or Pig business. She will learn the latest scientific methods, be provided with top quality stock and feed to get started, and plenty of encouraging words of support from our Captivating program team. Best yet, her business has the capacity to generate enough extra annual income to ensure their children will have all they need to fulfill their education dreams.

Captivating’s Support a Remote Teacher Program – SICHUAN

Helping extremely remote primary school children with the teaching support they need to thrive.

It’s not uncommon for village based primary schools located in extremely remote and mountainous locations to struggle getting the teachers they need. As a result, it doesn’t take long for underprivileged rural students to start slipping behind their urban based peers, and see no future in education past the compulsory 9 years. A volunteer teacher can make all the difference.

Whether a new teaching graduate with a heart for service, or an experienced retired teacher wanting to help out in areas they know are struggling, our “SUPPORT A REMOTE TEACHER” program funds living and transport costs for these amazing volunteers. Our aim is to make it easier for them to (1) say “yes” to volunteering; and (2) stay on as long as possible to build in some stability for their students.

Cenovus Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women – QINGHAI

30 women will receive intensive training to eventually become skilled and capable tailors. Once the training is complete, we will help them secure a job bringing more stability for the whole family.

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