Our Projects

Seng Girls Vocational Training School -QINGHAI

We continue our support of this program run by LOVEQTRA since 2008. Captivating are the primary funders of this work, helping girls through elementary school and beyond. Girls come to this school either due to poverty or prejudice. Most have missed most of their schooling before starting in this program. It is their dream come true.

Vocational School Scholarships – QINGHAI

275 girls (who had already dropped out of school) will have the opportunity to progress through a government subsidised 3 year vocational high-school program this year. The final year of this program will be an internship into (what is hopefully) their first job. Our team will mentor them through the program and into their first job.

My First Job – Assistant Chef Training – QINGHAI

In remote locations, our registered partners come across many older girls sitting idle in their home village. Having missed MOST of their schooling, these girls are of working age yet largely illiterate. They need a lucky break. My First Job is a program where vocational experts and partner restaurants train girls to become Assistant Chefs. In 2019 we will make dreams come true for 90 girls enabling them to start new careers in the food industry with fantastic upside for promotion. Once the training is complete, we will help them secure their first job, then track them after one year to see how they’ve gone.

Pigs for Poverty – QINGHAI

Two breeding piglets (sows) will be provided to qualifying families (mostly single moms) along with training on how to manage a profitable breeding program. We will help 125 families and an estimate 250 children in the year ahead.

My Health – My Family – Our Safety – QINGHAI

Since 2014 as a Captivating program, Nomadic herding families are being taught basic healthcare. Many live with chronic illness, higher than normal rates of infant mortality, and infectious diseases. 2019’s program will train over 3,500 attendees (mostly women) across 10 separate locations. A free medical examination and medicines will also be provided. Training will focus on basic health and hygiene practices; women’s health issues and when to know it’s time to seek help; safe-sex including STDs and AIDS; and the extra-importance of child safety in today’s world.

1,500 women will receive a medical examination.  This is an important investment in the wellbeing of their next generation.

Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women – QINGHAI

30 women will receive intensive training to eventually become skilled and capable tailors. Once the training is complete, we will help them secure a job bringing more stability for the whole family.

HOUSE OF Love – Guizhou Province. A program helping special needs children  – GUIZHOU

Over 100 special needs children and adults receive regular extra-special love and support from a dedicated team working in partnership with the local welfare institution.

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